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Controlling Turntable From External Software

There are two options available to programmatically control turntable.

Option 1: Communicate with turntable directly via USB

When turntable is connected to PC via USB, it is represented as virtual COM port. You can communicate with turntable using the text protocol described at this page. Sending commands manually and looking at received messages using software like PuTTY can be useful for troubleshooting and development.

This approach is programming language and OS agnostic, but requires effort to correctly implement.

Option 2: Use .NET turntable API libraries

We provide ready to use turntable control API for .NET with the following features:

  • Can be used with any .NET Standard 2.0 implementation (specifically .NET Framework and .NET Core applications).
  • Easy to use component based asynchronous API to control Photomechanics turntables.
  • Error handling and logging.
  • Turntable features support detection: it is easy to determine whether connected turntable supports some functionality or not.
  • Extensibility: for example, you can implement custom messages transport to control turntable connected to remote PC with your software.

See this page for library description.