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  • Fixed some types of RAW files not opening after previous update.

Upgrade existing installation

Photo3D Studio 2 has built-in automatic updates. When update is available, you will find corresponding notification at the status bar.

New version availability is checked at application startup.

You can install latest version manually using installer: Setup.exe.

  • Fixed live view not working since previous update.
  • Fixed grid not being aligned properly in some cases.
  • Added "Delete all" command to image thumbnail context menu with default hotkey Ctrl+Shift+D.
  • Added new grid type: centered rectangle with size adjustable from application settings.


  • Fixed issues with Nikon cameras introduced in previous version.
  • Improved Nikon cameras connection stability and 3D/360 shooting speed.
  • Implemented handling images captured by pressing shutter release button on camera.


  • Significantly improved stability of cameras connection, especially when using multiple Canon cameras simultaneously.
  • Added support for shooting using camera button - new photos will be added to current photo set.
  • Improved performance of Live View when not using any effects on it.
  • Canon EDSDK updated to 13.15.20, adding support for EOS R3, R7 and R10.
  • Added support for CRAW format for EOS R cameras family.
  • Improved overall performance and stability of the application.
  • Improved ribbon UI. Some other UI elements were also changed slightly.
  • Fixed Canon camera sorting not being preserved correctly when changing USB ports.
  • Fixed not updating camera state in status bar.